Cave 23  ~  Expect the unexpected


A place of decadent and striking flavors

where pre-established ideals are challenged.

We discard food conventions presenting

a hip of intriguing food pairings with pungent taste.

In essence, we born travelers seeking for causes

and emotions abroad and those meaningful reasons

are today the drive of our culinary purpose.

We show up with a gripping experience of great wines

accompanying a lineup of sharp-tasting courses.



For a multiple sensation journey and to all of those

with pure food indulgence in mind:

Welcome to Cave 23

We aim to reach the simplicity and purity of cooking

using fresh products and combining Portuguese

culinary traditions with impulses from other cultures.

Menu   Discovering Cave 23

~ 9 moments ~


We present more than 150 wine references,

all available by the glass.

This selection was made with a utterly respect for

the Vine, the Grape and the Producer.

The result is one of the most expressive porfolios

of natural wines available in Lisbon.

Wine Pairing


    Expect the unexpected    

    Expect the unexpected